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OK, so... most of you know that I live in a rural area north of a small city in an underpopulated province far, far away from anything resembling "big city life". If you didn't... you do now.

So, imagine my surprise in discovering a munch held somewhat locally. I talked with a women who knew about it (Emma) via IMs one night. She said it consisted of a monthly get together and a Yahoo group with 65 people from across the province. I thouight, 'cool!', a way to connect with other kinksters. Emma told me about the process to join and I signed up for the group. I got the automated letter and filled it out. It was basica question like name, how you found the group and what you were looking for. I sent it on 14 June. After a week of no response, I sent an email to the mods askign if they had received it. I got a brief bit back saying, yes they got it and that they were busy. A week later, nothing. I'm thinking... what the hell? How much time does it take to read an email and decide if the writer is a whacko or not enough to get to the next step? It wasn't even a very long email either. Anyways, I hopped on Yahoo and chatted with Emma about it. Then later, I got the 2nd application email from the group. Fine. I filled it out. Including some lame questions and some which were repeats from the 1st questionaire. Sent that on the 28th of June.
It is now the 19th of July. Thats 3 weeks for those who are calendar deprived. Three weeks without as much as a squeak from the mods. Not even a "we got the message but are still very busy" email. Nothing.
I'm beginning to think this munch isn't going to happen. I wasn't inspired by the assinine questions, nor the obstacle course required to get in. Mind you, I'm at step 2... next is a face-to-face meeting or some such. I've decided the ball is in their court. Its up to them to make me want to join, its no longer up to me to convince them to let me in.
So, do I really need this munch? Will Andrew & I be the only gay folks there? Will it consist of MasterDomlySir and subbiekittyslaves?
I have this overwhelming desire to go visit some largeish city with a gay bar... just to see other gay men. Oh and to get some sushi.
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