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A look inside my head

31 August
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Just a little pup living on a farm in the middle of nowhere, NB.
Yeah, so if you can't find North Tay on the map... don't worry; its not there. Thats just the name Canada Post gave my little dirt road so that they can find it to deliver me bills and crap. But if you are really curious, its north of Fredericton.

Err, well actually I'm just a human that likes to role-play a heck of a lot. Sometimes I'm a pup, sometimes I'm a little boy, most of the time I'm just my Master's slave. Although the term 'slave' doesn't quite describe what I am, but it works for most people. Aanyways everyone else just sees me as a houseboy... which is OK with me.

I'm a guy of many interests, most of which are normal, some of which would make a trucker blush.

My Bear code: B2 c++ f- g+ k+ m q-- r+ s t--

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