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Well, Friday was mostly uneventful. I spent some time doing a lot of weeding. The strawberries were getting overgrown by some wood sorrel. I think I filled the 5 gal bucket 5 or 6 times between the berry patch and the beans. Even though strawberries don't yeild very much in their 1st year, we've picked a lot from this new crop. Last years's plants produced bigger berries of course. Next summer, we'll have tonnes.
After my time outside, I crawled upstairs for a nap. I wasn't there too long before someone rang the bell. Now, let me tell you our doorbell is not unlike those bells we had ins chool when we were kids. Big dinner plate sized bell with a striker on the outside. Loud as fuck. Anyways, it was Alan & Gary Jarvis. Gary was the chap who recently accidently put wart remover on a tooth ache instead of Anbasol. I've never met Alan before, although I've heard Gary talk about his son before. He seems like a nice guy. They brought beer (Canadian) and I managed to down 2 cans in about 10 minutes. It was hot, the beer was cold... it was good. Then Tim & Chris show up and we all start speculating on Larry & brood. Seems their plans to get disability have fallen though and they are looking to make a quick getaway. Andrew & I were wondering how much their house would go for on a foreclosure sale.
Sara then shows up, which was unusual given thats it was a Friday. We then talked and drank lots more beer and ate KFC which she brought. Much fun was had by all. Especially Talbot, who now totally loves Sara.
Sara stayed the night and we went to Pam's for breakfast. Andrew & Sara chilled int he front yard for a bit while I wandered about the garden. Staying in one place seemed to draw the bees & horseflies so I did my best to avoid them. After about a half hour, Andrew got fed up and we all drove to the Harvey's Big Potato in Maugerville. Its a farmstand, for you non-natives. We bought some peas and a few cukes then went to the library... but alas this weekend marked the start of summer hours and it was closed.
The rest of Saturday was non eventful. Andrew has had more tooth problems and collasped on the couch. I surfed the net and tried to stay cool. It got around 35 degree and the humidex was pretty high. I got so wrapped up in reading stuff that I didn't put the boys into the barn until almost 11 o'clock. Had to get the lantern out to do it.
This morning was low key as well. I forgot it was Sunday and kept asking Andrew to go into town. Sara showing up on a Friday threw me off. :) It got really hot so I went a layed down for a nap. Then Andrew's mom showed up. Turns out it was the weekend for everyone to visit. She stayed for a little while and mentioned Caroline (Andrew's sister) was headed back from PEI and may stop by on Tuesday. Which means we really have to clean up in here. Two guys living alone = one hell of a freaking mess.
We did manage to go into town today. We wanted something to eat that didn't require inside cooking. So we decided on these tasty Portobello Burgers from the SuperStore. They taste great off the BBQ. Of course, after buying them we decided, "screw this" and got McD's and ate in the AC comfort of the truck. :)
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