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OK, so rain hasn't stopped, but the power is still on. Had to run outside to put the goat boys in and let me tell you... it was freaking cold! around 16 degrees (60ish for you in the States). It was pouring buckets too... big drops. Worse part was getting out the door as we have no gutters so its like a mini waterfall with the runoff from the roof.
Oh and the boys ripped their feed bucket off the wall somehow. I think they fight over it, they're getting too big for the both of them to eat at the same time. We'll have to rig up some sort of trough for them. They eat like pigs anyways, might as well have a trough.
Ronnie stopped by around 8 o'clock this morning. For what you ask? Not to borrow a cup of sugar. Nope. He wanted a ride into town. For beer. Why you ask? Because he was too fucking drunk to drive himself. Yup... 8 in the morning and he's too blitzed to drive to town. Yet perfectly fine to drive down the road to our place. *sigh* We missed the "I saw a 8 point buck in my front yard yesterday" BBQ at Ronnie's. I'm not about to ask if the cooked weiners or bambi steaks; there are some things in this world where I'd like to claim plausible deniability on. This is one of them.
Now onto comics... spoilers to come, so if you aren't up to date yet... don't click.

OK, so I got 14 comics as posted yesterday.
Fables #38: I liked the set-up of Lt. Bloom. I was kinda thinking it was too obvious a choice but then again, you can never tell with Willingham. Sometimes the obvious choice is true and the reader is too busy looking for hidden clues to spot it. Loved the "justice" served to Lord Nivercoop. I'm surprised the Emperor went down so quickly... I don't think he's done with.
Fables #39: Man was I pissed to see that this was a "Meanwhile, back at the ranch" issue. Gawd, these really know how to string the readers along. Good issue though. Loved Prince's Charming's dream about Trusty John... I think he's gonna crack soon. I wondered how they's pull Bigby back into the story... now we know.
Y: The Last Man #35: As much as I love Yorick, he sure pulls some stupid shit sometimes. I knew he screwed her and all, but why the fuck did he go back? Why the hell does he snub 355 all the time? Is 355 really a lesbian or was that just... I dunno... opportunity? Is Dr. Mann going to hookup withe the Aussie sailor/pirate? And OMFG the Israelis!!?!! Geez... and that scene took place one month ago. And what the hell happened to Beth?? We get a few pages and then nothing! Damn fucking good read.
Nightcrawler #7: Fantastic art. Wonderful story. OK, I'm not saying much about it, but its a Nightie fan dream here... tonnes of inside jokes/info. Plus, Kurt in a beard. Bear fans rejoice.
Authority 9: Um. I dunno about this one. Was the Doc that strung out he didn't notice who he was with? Did I really need to see that scene in technicolour? If Jenny is so fucking omnipotent, why is this book even happening? *sigh* used to be good.
Ultimate X-Men #60: Not so keen on the art. If this xiphoid was so vulnerable, how come we didn't see them use it more often in previous books?? Enough with the running away crap... either run away permanently or stay. Grow up, Logan. Geez. Oh and... was Kurt hitting on 'Ro?
Ultimate X-Men #61: I though Northie didn't want to segregate himself? "No fighting in the Danger room. I mean... no fighting each other. You know what I mean." Silly Scott. :) Nice leadup to the arc though, although I wish we'd see new villians.
Wolverine #29: I miss the non-costumed Logan stories. Seeing him whack a shit load of Hand flunkies was uninspiring. Only semi-decent thing about it was him being drawn accurately in height proportional to Elektra. If thats all I can say for the issue... thats bad.
X-Men #171 & 172: Um. Next. Did I really need to read yet another comic outlining how totally fucked up Gambit & Rogue are? Or about this stupid assed Bobby/Lorna/Alex bullshit? The cover of 172 was just... ewwww worthy. The whole Foxx storyline makes me almost wish for Chuck Austen's crapola to come back. Nice commentary from Kurt though.
X-Men the End #4 & 5: Yet another book I wonder why I read. The concept is nifty, but I doubt anything revealed while effect the normal present day storyline. The "other Summers kid" bit was cool, a shout out to the mega thread from ComiX-Fan from long ago? The rest... so-so. Kitty makes a great political figure but the grandstanding speech was over the top. Loved the "chibi" art in Emma's um... dreamstate? Not sure what to call that... but Hank looked so cute. Fantomex & X-23? heh. Rachel dreaming about Kitty? Hello, Xena flashbacks.

Still have X-Men 461 & 462 to read.
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