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Went to the comic shop today, walked away with 14 books and minus 52 bucks. I hadn't stopped by in 3 weeks, so they really stacked up. Funny how I've been an X-Men fan all my comic book reading life, but the books I really wanted to read were Y: The Last Man and Fables. Y has totally captured my interest and this last issue left me saying, "holy crap! I gotta see what happens!" If you like comics and aren't reading Y, get the trades and get up to speed. Fables is also a must read in my book. Today I got 2 issues and man oh man issue #38 was so cool but it was #39 that really perked my interest. I love the way its all strung together even when its a new arc. Haven't read through the remaining books which are mostly X-books plus I think I saw an Authority in there somewhere.
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