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This morning I was struck by two things:
1. The desire to Google this guy I knew in Colorado. Chances of me finding him are very slim, but for weird reason I kinda want to.

2. The desire to play WoW again. I even went through mentally what I need to do once I log in. I remember leaving Dosko in Swamp of Sorrows, just around the corner from where the welps spawn. He was 35 and a half. I need to get him to 36 so he can tame a Swamp Jag. So I was thinking about doing that little quest where you destory the blue crystal thingies. It was a toughie to do on Hellscream at 38, but with luck and tactics, I should be OK.
In order to play again, I'll probably have to switch back to Win2k. XP for some reason isn't stable on this machine. I've tried everything to correct the problem. Tried every blasted video driver out there, even old versions. Still crashes like a mofo while doing anything 3D. I'll have to burn all my good crap onto disk before I do the switch though. Might put me out of commission for 2-3 days. Is it worth it? Oh and I'll have to resub for WoW too, since mine lasped.
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