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Yet another day of 100 degree temps. The corn is doing great while I'm wilting.

I've set out to clean the office today... I'm about an eighth of the way through. I'm looking at a stack of magazines and wonder whether to keep them, cut out the articles I want or to just toss the whole thing into the recycle bin.

Rented Blade 3 today from the new DVD place in Stanley. The convenence store rents VHS but that TV was not hooked up. Note I said *was*. Seems out 27" died over the past month or so. I figure the power flucuations of the house got to it. We'll take it to a repair shop someday.
Andrew is watching some lame "horror" flick called Killer Bee something something. He'll probably review it... so far he thnks its lame. Must be really bad since this is a guy who liked Anaconda.

Still around 80% patched on WoW, so it looks like Sunday at the earliest for my return.
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