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some people's kids

I just finished reading a very disturbeing thread on a LJ comm.
Someone asked a few questions about gay sex so they could have some background info for a story. Thats all fine and dandy. I think women who write slash ought to have some background before they write, it just makes for a more realistic/believeable story.
Thast not what bothered me.
What bothered me was the comment from some gay guy that all fanfic writers ought to be sent to concentration camps. Yeah. Do you see where I'm coming from on this?
It gets better though.
Another Einstein steps to the plate and says that not only should all fanfic writers be dismembered... that the Holocaust never happened. No camps, no nothing. And somehow he tied in the "alleged plane that crashed into the Pentagon" into this argument too.

Well, let me just tell you guys... its a good thing they were gay... I'd hate to see them breed and carry on those fucked up genes.
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