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Mom called today. We talked for a bit. She was wondering about our plans to go down to Mass. for Collin's wedding. I admited that I hadn't made plans yet as we're not sure the best way to get down there nor how long we're going to stay. Well, I can now tell you we're going to drive or (god forbid) take a bus. It would be 1000 bucks for 2 rd trip plane tickets. :(
We talked about Richard briefly. I didn't mention that I saw his profile on b.com. I don't think she wants to know that. She did express frustration at him for not contacting his kids after so long. I love how she called him on it. He said he lost her number and then tried to find her on the internet to which she replied 'why didn't you just call directory assistance?', all he could say was, 'I didn't think of that'. No, Richard, you didn't think of that... you never think.
Anyways, was nice to hear from her.

Brief garden update:
All the strawberries have been picked.
We have pea pods now, we should be picking the first bunch in a week.
Everything else is doing great.

About this munch thing... finally heard back from the mods. They want to do the face-to-face mtg. Andrew got CC'd on the email even though he hasn't filled out the "application forms". He's not that impressed... neither am I. I posted a summary to a comm here and most of the replies said that they were being over cautious and a wee bit creepy. I'm going to give them the benfit of the doubt and meet them though, just in case they are OK and just new at this stuff.
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