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WoW news

So, I went out and bought a gamecard yesterday. 60 days pre paid. Yeah, me!
I thought since I reinstalled XP, I'd have to reinstall WoW. So I went through the whole 4 cd thing only to have it screw up on Disk #4 and say something like "failed to decompress XYZ folder. installation failed". Bah. I took a break from that (and mowing/putting up the screenhouse/weeding) and checked my email. 'lo and behold, I got the "failed to resubscribe" email from Blizzard. Heh, CC is still maxed out and the payment isn't going in until end of the month. For some reason, I thought my subscription was a one time thing since I chose the 6 month version. I thought it has been more then 6 months so it had to have been expired already. Nope, I was wrong. I could have been playing this whole time! grrrr
Anyways, I went through old files I saved from the reinstall and found WoW stuff. I fired it up and starting patching.
So, in about 10 hrs I got close to 50 MB downloaded. Its a 192MB patch. Thats about 30 more hours to go to patch the damn thing. I thought about making a plea for help, you know "can someone pretty please burn me a CD of the patches and mail it to me" But with the speed of the postal system, I'd probably have it patched by the time anything got to me. That said, I may switch to Win2K if its not stable enough.
So, anyways... expect me back in Azeroth by the weekend.
I may or may not return to Proudmoore. I'm very out of practice and I think jumping back into a lvl 35 would be tough. I may start a new lvl 1 dude just to get back in the swing of things. Maybe, I'll try an RP server. Or a very low pop server. Definately Horde Hunter though. I've always played Orc, but I love the look of Tauren. Hrmmmmm
Quick shout outs:
Collin: Convince Kristen that playing WoW will save your sanity.
Liam: You posted a UI mod for WoW a while back that was beyond cool. Got a link?
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